Nokia Lumia 800 Review and Pictures

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I’ve had the following Windows Phone 7 devices since September 2010:

and now the 

As you can see I’ve carried around a lot of Windows Phones over the years. This quick review is for the Nokia Lumia 800 that I recently received.

The Specs

OS: Ships with Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) so no update is necessary.
Phone Size: Very small! (That is a good thing) You can tell by the pictures located below that it just how it fits in my hand.
Screen Size: I am spoiled with my HTC Titan’s 4.7” screen at the moment but the Lumia 800 still has a beautiful 3.7” AMOLED 480x800 screen.
Battery Life: Very good. I’m able to use it for an entire day without a charge. 
Camera/Video: It comes with an 8 Megapixel camera rear-facing camera only. Again I’m also spoiled that my Titan has a forward-facing camera.  
CPU: Comes with a 1.4 GHz Qualcomm and is very smooth transitioning from one screen to another.
Memory: Ships with 512 MB ram. This is standard at the moment. We will begin to see budget phones like the Nokia Lumia 610 shortly that has 256MB Ram.
Internal Storage: Comes with 16 GB built-in which is more than enough to store music photos etc.



+ If you are looking for an iPhone competitor then you have found it. Slick Sexy and even opening the box reminds me of my old iPhone devices.

+ Nokia Lumia specific apps like Drive and Music which allows you to get turn-by-turn direction and free music streaming.

+ Solid build – this thing is built like a rock. I’ve already dropped it and it still works like a charm.


- Uses a Mini-Sim card and I’m not a fan of that format. Why? Because I use a lot of different phones and have to use an adapter to switch between devices. (and those adapters sometimes get stuck in phones)

- The screen is 3.7” and I’m used to the Titans 4.7”. It is hard for me to switch to a smaller screen. I wish the standard had of been like the Lumia 900 at 4.3”.

- No forward-facing camera on this phone. In order to compete with iPhone 4S this device should have had a forward-facing camera.


Most of you scrolled down to this part first and I don’t blame you. Here is a look at some pictures of the device shot from my Canon Rebel T2i .After scrolling through the pictures we will wrap up with my final thoughts on the phone.







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