My Top 10 Sessions for Developers From TechEd 2014

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TechEd is officially over and Telerik was there covering the entire event. Now that we are all back home it is time to catch up all of the sessions that we missed online. I’ve went through the entire list of developer sessions and hand picked my favorite sessions to share with you. But before I do that I’d like to share with you some news for developers:

The following sessions listed below are in no particular order.


1) Cool and Elegant ASP.NET Web Forms with HTML 5 for the Modern Web by our own Jeff Fritz 

Jeff Fritz ties in the latest JavaScript frameworks and Visual Studio 2013 features to make your next ASP.NET Web Forms ready for the modern web.

2) The Future of .NET on the Server by Scott Hanselman and Scott Hunter

Scott Hanselman and Scott Hunter discuss what ASP.NET looks like in 2014 and beyond. Scott has recapped the announcements on his blog

3) Performance Optimize Your ASP.NET Web App by Mads Kristensen

Mads Kristensen focuses this talk around optimizing ASP.NET applications. If you are building and deploying ASP.NET apps then this talk is definitely for you.

4) Building Rich Apps with AngularJS on ASP.NET by John Papa

John Papa shares tips and tricks using AngularJS and BreezeJS with ASP.NET.


Windows Phone

5) The New Windows Phone Application Model by Andy Wigley

Confused about the new programming models introduced in Windows Phone 8.1? Andy Wigley has you covered in this session.

6) Windows Runtime for Windows Phone Developers by Jerry Nixon

This session helps developers that have built Windows Phone Silverlight apps understand the new Windows Runtime.

7) Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 Networking Survival Kit by Andy Wigley

This session dives into the various ways to connect your apps to a backend and also includes advanced scenarios such as user authentication.

Visual Studio

8) Getting Started with Visual Studio Online by Dmitry Lyalin

A primer to new users of Visual Studio Online. Dmitry walks you through VSO with a ton of demos. 

9) Visual Studio Power User: Tips and Tricks by Dustin Campbell and Scott Cate

The title says it all! This session is about tips and tricks to save time developing apps with Visual Studio.

Software Design Patterns

10) Deep Dive into Dependency Injection and Writing Decoupled Quality Code and Testable Software by Miguel Castro

Miguel explains Dependency Injection and why you should use it to create well-crafted software.


As you can tell there were a lot of great sessions at TechEd 2014 for developers and I hope you enjoyed my short list.  Besides watching the videos provided search through the entire TechEd 2014 list for other great videos. Also stay connected with Telerik for more content on everything happening with software development.


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