5 Excellent and FREE AngularJS Learning Materials for Beginners

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5 Excellent and FREE AngularJS Learning Materials for Beginners ## Overview I love working with mobile and web technologies. I’ve recently been learning AngularJS and thought that I’d share with the community a collection of sites and videos that I used to get started learning this wonderful web application framework. Note : I won’t be covering the learning resources found on the main AngularJS site. #### The List 1. Learn-Angular.org has free interactive lessons that walk you through step by step building a simple app. You can write all of your code in the browser and it covers directives services and enriching applications. 2. Introduction to Angular.js in 50 Examples is my personal favorite video on the topic as Curran Kelleher starts from the basics and builds his way up. So far I’ve only found Part 1 of this video but it includes 36 of the 50 examples. He also has posted the code to all 50 examples on Github. 3. A JavaScript Feed Reader in Under 10 Minutes Using Angular JS by Jeremy Likness shows how to build a feed reader in under 10 minutes. I found this video most helpful as he actually shows you how to build a fully-functional app instead of several smaller demos. 4. How to Learn AngularJS is by the fine folks that bring you a weekly Angular newsletter. This post can really be thought of as a roadmap to learning AngularJS from the ground up. The blog post gives you a great foundation and if you really like their style you can purchase their book. 5. The AngularJS Cheat Sheet is a valuable resource to print out and have by your side as you start working through AngularJS samples. It is one of the oldest resources on my short list but it was last updated on May 1st 2014 as of this writing. I’ve noticed that the author keeps it current. Bonus 1: Shawn Wildermuth’s Angular JavaScript Jumpstart. Uses AngularJS with an ASP.NET MVC Project. Bonus 2: The catch-all resource is Jeff Cunningham’s Github Repo. His description sums it up nicely: “A bunch of blog posts articles videos etc. for learning AngularJS.” ## Wrap-Up This is just my personal list of learning materials that I’ve used for AngularJS. I’d encourage you to subscribe to the ng-newsletter and follow the official AngularJS Twitter account for up to date information. Thanks for reading -Michael


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