Say What? Incorporating Windows Phone 8 Speech Recognition into Your Apps

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I have a new in-depth article published online in Visual Studio Magazine today called “Say What? Incorporating Windows Phone 8 Speech Recognition into Your Apps”.

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Article Introduction

Summary: The Windows Phone 8 SDK added a speech recognition API that's easy to use and flexible. Learn how to put it to work in your application.


I think it's safe to say that a majority of mobile developers tend to skip any first-generation mobile OSes in case the platform fails to take off. Now that we're seeing the third-generation of Windows Phone 8 more and more developers are taking note. With a new OS also comes new hardware to take advantage of several key features in the API. Windows Phone 8 includes all sorts of new features such as near-field communication native code support in-app purchasing speech recognition and more.

In this article I'll focus solely on the speech recognition API introduced in Windows Phone 8. There are two speech components commonly used in most applications: Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT). I'll show you how to work with both.

The Full Article

The full article is hosted on Visual Studio Magazine and you can access it by clicking here. Don’t forget to rate it and leave comments if you have any problems.


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