Day 4 - Exploring Docker for Windows - Running Docker Documentation Locally

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In this mini-series, I plan to walk you through Docker as I learn it.

A complete list of post in this series is included below :

Searching Docker Images

Whenever you need to search for a Docker image, the first place that you may think of is heading over to But a much more easier way is through the command line. Simply type :

docker search searchterm

You can also use quotes if you need to search something that has a space in between it. (ex. Docker documentation)

docker search "docker documentation"

Below is a snippet of you can expect :

C:\Users\mbcru>docker search "docker documentation"
NAME                                    DESCRIPTION                                     STARS     OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED
docker                                  Docker in Docker!                               439       [OK]
konradkleine/docker-registry-frontend   Browse and modify your Docker registry in ...   143                  [OK]
plexinc/pms-docker                      Official Plex Media Server Docker Repo          85                   [OK]
docker-dev                              Docker is an open source project to pack, ...   63        [OK]
datadog/docker-dd-agent                 Docker container for the Datadog Agent.         50                   [OK]
francescou/docker-compose-ui            web interface for Docker Compose                41                   [OK]
docker/docker-bench-security            Docker Bench checks for dozens of common b...   20                   [OK]
dockercore/docker                                                                       18                   [OK]
laurentmalvert/docker-boinc             A dockerized BOINC client                       12                   [OK]
runmymind/docker-android-sdk            docker-android-sdk                              10                   [OK]
sematext/sematext-agent-docker          Performance Monitoring, Events and Logs fo...   8                    [OK]
docs/                   Builds of the Docker documentation              6                    [OK]
fabric8/jenkins-docker                  Fabric8 Jenkins Docker Image                    4                    [OK]
docker/migrator                         Tool to migrate Docker images from a v1 re...   4                    [OK]

You can now use the docker run name to download the container. (You may have to switch to Linux containers).

Downloading Docker documentation and running it locally

This is something that I really enjoy doing with documentation and that is having a local copy on my hard drive. You can do it fairly easily by using the search command as shown earlier.

You can download it with the following command :

docker run docs/

When it is finished you will see a URL at the bottom where you can view the documentation locally :

C:\Users\mbcru>docker run docs/
Unable to find image 'docs/' locally
latest: Pulling from docs/
75a822cd7888: Pull complete
57de64c72267: Pull complete
4306be1e8943: Pull complete
871436ab7225: Pull complete
afb684ad7765: Pull complete
0d97dae2054f: Pull complete
81cf204ae25e: Pull complete
b2c097f43e0f: Pull complete
77fb0c414503: Pull complete
5ce98315c3d9: Pull complete
4fb049720eda: Pull complete
1a395df07195: Pull complete
11870ae3ca13: Pull complete
0c32f21045f7: Pull complete
30ecf115ebb4: Pull complete
c89fc62f83bc: Pull complete
a15c2890523d: Pull complete
3bfc5dc19752: Pull complete
0c54303cb6ba: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:297a70ae474216eab46c1c19f884263fba91b6a198d54383d421d0bbf37aecda
Status: Downloaded newer image for docs/
Docker docs are viewable at:

Open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:4000/. You should see the documentation. It is an exact duplicate of Cool!



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