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HTML5 OData and Kinect talks coming up.


Hello Everyone

I thought I’d take a minute to update everyone on my upcoming talks and events that I will be attending. I have talks ranging from Kinect Silverlight HTML5 to OData! Wow that’s a wide range of technology and I’m very passionate about everyone of them.

Let’s get started.

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DevReach - October 17th through the 18th in Sofia Bulgaria.

I will not be speaking at this event only attending. I am very excited because this will be my first time visiting Bulgaria. I am looking forward to meeting all the speakers and enjoying the excellent food Bulgaria has to offer.


Desert Code Camp – 11/5/2011 in Chandler Arizona.

Getting started with Silverlight 5

This session is designed for people who want to quickly understand the key features in Silverlight 5. We will walk you through downloading the bits to finally starting your first project starting from File->New Projects. We will also take a look at several key features such as XAML Debugging and Out of Browser - Multiple Windows Support Sound Effect Class for Low-Latency Supporting Double and Triple Mouse Clicks and Linked and Multi-Column Text.

Producing and Consuming OData in an Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 application.

Description Learn how to Produce and Consume an OData DataSource starting from File-New Project. In this session we will produce an OData Datasource and query it using the browser and LinqPAD. Once we have an understanding of how to produce an OData DataSource we will consume it using Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.

Part 1: We will create a oData Service using SQL Server Compact 4.0 Edition. After the oData Service is created we will navigate to the url and see how we can use the browser to display and filter the data. After that we will take LinqPad (free edition) and query the data using Linq.

Part 2: Consume the Data using Silverlight 4 Application. Setting up the Source Data to retrieving it in our application and binding the results to multiple textblock controls.

Part 3: Consume the Data using WP7: Explaining all the missing parts to consuming an oData Feed in a Windows Phone 7 Application using the Panorama Template.


Chippewa Valley Code Camp – 11/12/11 in Eau Claire Wisconsin.

Kinecting the dots with the Kinect SDK

This session is designed to show the Microsoft Kinect SDK recently released by Microsoft. I will show how to use the Kinect as well as several open-source demos of it. By the end of this session you will be familiar with several core concepts needed to build applications using Microsoft Kinect SDK.


Microsoft tech-days Canada 2011 – November 29-30 in Montreal Canada

Application Development with HTML5

HTML5 is perhaps the biggest and most powerful HTML specification to ever come out of the W3C. Its roots come from a proposal to extend HTML4 to make it easier for web developers to create web applications. With more and more browsers supporting HTML5 ECMAScript 5 and other web standards developers now have a strong web platform they can use to create a new class of application that is more powerful and interactive than ever before. What's in HTML5 that lets us take our applications to the next level?

A Lap around Microsoft Silverlight 5

Come see what's new and exciting with the Silverlight 5 beta. Learn about features for business application development visualization and casual gaming. In this demo- and code-focused developer session we hit the major new features in Silverlight 5 and get you well on your way to being productive with the latest release of Silverlight.


If you are attending any of the events then please come up and introduce yourself. I really enjoy meeting new people and hopefully we can sit down and talk tech!


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