I am now an INETA Community Chamption

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I recently found out that I have been awarded with the Q3 Community Champion Award from INETA. It is a honor and a privilege to be part of this Elite group of community leaders. I cannot tell you how excited that I am to be acknowledged by my peers for the community work that I do.

Below is what the email said:

I would like to congratulate you on winning the INETA Champion Award for
the third quarter of 2011. I want to personally thank you for your time
and effort in supporting and helping your community. It is through
community members like yourself that we all can impact and influence the
people around us in the software industry.

You will be receiving your award shortly and I would like to request that
you send me your address so we can promptly deliver your award to the
correct mailing address.

This award is an annual award so please remember that you cannot be
awarded the Champions Award for the next 12 months. I do hope you continue
the community support and please accept a big thank you from myself and
the entire INETA board on your accomplishment and dedication.

Learn more about the award

The INETA Community Champion Award is an annual award given to those who give to the developer community. It is awarded on a quarterly basis and lasts for twelve months. Members record their numerous contributions to the community. At the end of each quarter the top contributors will be selected to receive the INETA Community Champion Award.

You already do so much. Why not get RECOGNIZED! Examples of eligible activities are:

  • Writing a newsletter article
  • Updating your user group web site
  • Managing meeting logistics
  • Introducing speakers
  • Presenting at a user group meeting
  • Mentoring new presenters

Winners will be announced after the end of every quarter in the INETA newsletter and on the INETA Website. Each Community Champion will receive a letter of commendation a certificate of achievement use of the Community Champion badge and a valuable prize.


I would encourage you to visit the official INETA Community Champion Site and nominate someone that has met the criteria explained above.

Thanks everyone for voting for me and I will continue working hard for the community!


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