How do I disable C# 6 Support in Visual Studio 2015?

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Some developers are not yet ready to take the plunge to C# 6, whereas others would like to play with C# 6 without installing Visual Studio 2015. In this episode, I address both issues.

For those looking for a quick breakdown:

How do I disable C# 6 Support in Visual Studio 2015?

Question: We’ve already internally adopted Visual Studio 2015 for some of the new features that it has, but we don’t want to use C# 6 just yet. Can we disable C# 6, so that our contract developers can open the project in Visual Studio 2013 without any problems and prevent them from using any of the new C# 6 features?

Answer: You can set the language feature for each project separately by going to Properties => Build tab => Language Version and set your preferred version. From here, you can switch it to whatever C# version you would like. (ex. C# 5.0)

How do I explore C# 6 features without installing Visual Studio 2015?

As described in the video, you can use This is what I used for testing new C# 6 features as Visual Studio 2015 was being built.


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