Here are the Reasons I Deleted your Mobile App

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I’ve recently released an article on TDN titled, “Here are the Reasons I Deleted your Mobile App”. In it, I share the reasons why I deleted several mobile apps and how you can avoid this from happening to your app.


You’re a mobile app developer and you pride yourself in making great apps that stand out above the rest. You’ve added all of the features that you think your users want. You’ve ran your unit test, not once, but many times – they all succeeded. You just finished paying a designer to create great app icons and other image assets. You’ve invested all this work, yet there is a problem that you notice after your app hits the app store – you are seeing a very high dropoff rate after a couple of days. Your users are either not using your app anymore or have ,GASP, deleted it.

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The full article is hosted on the TDN website and you can access it here.

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