Getting Sublime 3 To Launch your HTML page in a Browser with a Key Combo

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I recently installed Sublime 3 Beta and created an .HTML file and wanted to launch it in Chrome from within the IDE without right-clicking the file and selecting “Open From Browser”. I wanted to simply hit a key combo. I looked through all of the options and could not find a way. I discovered that you could add a new build system though and get this functionality.



  • Tools -> Build System -> New Build System...
  • Add the following Text for opening with Google Chrome
{      "cmd": ["open" "-a" "Google Chrome" "$file"]  }
  • You screen should look like what is shown above.
  • Save the file as : Chrome.sublime-build in your “User Folder”


Now select Tools –> Build System –> chrome and switch back to the HTML file and hit CMD-B on a Mac.


You can optionally change this to open with your default browser by using { "cmd": ["open" "$file"] }

What about Windows?

For Windows Machines following the same instructions except use the command : { "cmd": ["PATH_TO_YOUR_CHROME" "$file"] }

You can run it by pressing CTRL-B.


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