Busy Developers Guide to Build 2017 Day 1 Keynote Announcements

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Here are my full notes from the first day of the Build 2017 keynote for the busy developer. I try to get straight to the point and leave links where appropriate. I compiled these notes by watching the video that was posted online. Keep in mind that I did a light pass on the notes, and am happy to take corrections.

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Satya Nadella CEO, MS - Opening Keynote

Mobile-first, Cloud-first


  • 500 Million Windows 10 monthly active devices
  • 100 million commercial Office 365 monthly active users
  • 140 million Cortana monthly active users
  • 12 million organizations in Azure active directory
  • Greater than 90% fortune 500 using Microsoft Cloud

Big bucket pillars

  • Agents and Bots
  • Natural and conversational user interfaces
  • Mixed Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced analytics and work-flows
  • IoT

3 Fundamental characteristics of this new world view

  • Multi-device
  • AI
  • Serverless

Announcing Azure IoT Edge

IoT Edge provides easy orchestration between code and services, so they flow securely between cloud and edge to distribute intelligence across IoT devices. Easily integrate Microsoft Azure and third-party services, or augment existing services to create a custom IoT application with your own business logic. You get the best of both worlds with devices that can act locally based on the data they generate, while also taking advantage of the cloud to configure, deploy, and manage them securely and at scale.

They showed a demo with Sandvik Group which uses this.

AI in the Workplace

Demo showing safety in the workplace that used MS Azure Stack, Azure Functions, Cognitive Services and commodity cameras.

It tracks people, equipment and what they are doing.

They search:

Where is a Jackhammer? 
Show that Jackhammer is in unstable orientation in the workshop

Show me non employees on the job site
It shows people that have already had their photo taken and they select the person and add them and create a new policy. 

Only credentialed employees can use jackhammers. 
Non authorized people get a notification 

Discussion about Microsoft Graph

Presenting : Laura Jones

She talks to Cortana and is able to set her time off. She pushes reminders to her car and it could have went to Xbox. With help of Cortana, she is on her way. Cortana finds a highway accident and she reminds her teammates that she will be last. Reminder to pull designers for project and she searches LinkedIn. Cortana provides the next best step. She connects to her meeting and they show MS Teams in Office 365.

Project Rome SDK is talked about and gives connected experiences in meetings.

Harman/Kardon Invoke with Cortana from Microsoft was shown.

MS shows how they are helping Parkinson’s Research

Haiyan Zhang - Innovation Director at MS Research Cambridge

Emma Lawton - Graphics Designer

Emma has Parkinson’s and was able to write her name and draw a box despite her tremors.

Azure Section

Scott Guthrie / Hanselman

Azure Cloud Shell inside of the Azure Portal is announced.

  • It includes a BASH Shell with PowerShell coming soon.
  • The Azure CLI is preinstalled and loaded.
  • Azure Mobile app for iOS and Android announced. Includes cloud shell that works on your phone.
  • Then a demo of debugging an app in Azure that is running on Production.
  • Visual Studio for Mac General Availability announced.

How do you manage a database in the cloud with Azure?

  • SQL Server 2017 release that runs on Windows Server, Linux, Docker.
  • Industry leading performance with adaptive query processing.
  • In-database advanced Machine Learning with R and Python.

DocuSign video of how they are using Azure.

New relational database services

  • PostgreSQL as a Service
  • MySQL as a Service

  • Built-in high availability and security
  • Elastically scale up or down with no application downtime
  • 100% compatible with all existing drivers, libraries, tools

Introducing Azure Cosmos DB

The first globally distributed, multi-model database service

  • Data Model
  • Key-value, Document, Column Family, Graph


  • DocumentDB, MongoDB, Table Storage, Gremlin Graph, Spark

  • Scale to any need
  • Gigabytes of data - Petabytes of data
  • Hundreds transactions / seconds - Millions of transactions / seconds

You pay only for what you use.

Only DB with Comprehensive SLAs across 4 dimensions:

  • High availability
  • Performance Latency
  • Performance Throughput
  • Data Consistency

We guarantee single millisecond response time at the 99th percentile as one of the SLAs that is built-in. This is a game-changer and you can monitor that SLA inside the portal.

JET.com runs entirely on Azure.

  • 31 million SKUs.

  • Azure Cosmos DB Geo-distrubted across 3 US regions
  • Scales up to 100 trillion cosmos db transactions per day
  • Single digit performance latency @ 99th percentile

Rimma Nehme comes on stage as an Architect at MS

Marvel Comic and Azure Integration Demo

Goes to the Comic Wiki page and ask a question such as :

who are your friends?
anthony stark responds

who are your enemies that work for Hydra?

Walks you though adding a “new mongo DB” in Azure and focuses on API selection of “Gremlin, MongoDB, SQL, Table API”

2 new APIs added : Gremlin and Table

Global distribution turnkey - If your app is popular you can scale more easily.

5 consistency model to further optimize your app.

SLAs - It’s a service, not software. Azure Cosmos DB comprehensive SLAs on latency, throughput, consistency and availability.

Cosmos DB we believe your app deserves a database out of this world.

How best to modernize your app to go to the cloud?

Alaska Airline video - they use Azure Service Fabric

VS 2017 + Containers

  • Integrated Docker Tooling
  • Develop, debug, test, deploy
  • End-to-end DevOps support

Maria Naggaga comes on stage to modernize an application.

Right click - add docker support It generates a docker file and they enable WCF

VS now supports cross-container debugging.

Right click configure continuous delivery - where you want to push your containers and where you want them to run.

Azure Service Fabric

  • Windows and Linux Containers
  • Stateless and stateful microservices
  • Deploy on Azure, Azure stack and on-premises

Serverless code execution on Azure

  • HTTP request
  • Timer
  • Storage change
  • IoT Evet
  • CRM record update
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • +100 more event sources

Azure Functions

  • On-demand serverless code
  • Develop, debug, test, deploy in Visual Studio
  • CI/CD support in VSTS and GitHub

New VS Tooling support added today.

Azure Logic Apps

  • On-demand serverless workflows
  • 100+ data and app connectors built-in
  • Integrated Visual Studio tooling for Azure Functions and Logic apps
  • Azure Application Insights for Azure Functions

Dominoes pizza uses Azure Functions

Azure Stack : an extension of Azure

Carnival uses Azure Stack - runs fleet management in Azure today.

  • Sometimes they can’t connect when they are out in the sea.
  • Azure Stack provides the ability to use it anywhere. They can upgrade their systems and services even when disconnected.
  • Azure Stack: More certifications than any provider
  • 38 Azure regions more than AWS and Google combined

EY - Runs solutions globally using Azure

Julia White, CVP, Cloud Platform comes on stage

Shows Azure Stack - extension of Azure. Same web app service and in a disconnected state. Azure Functions parse what stays local and when it goes to as well.

Deploys pulls Azure Subscription and Azure Stack subscription.

Adobe comes on stage to talk about Adobe Cloud.

Enable SaaS ISVs to connect 100 Million monthly active enterprise users.

Azure AppSource

  • Integrated w. O365 + Dynamics 365
  • Automatic lead sharing into your CRM system
  • Co-Sell with worlds largest enterprise sales force and channel

AI Section

Harry Shum takes the stage and discusses AI.

Microsoft Cognitive Services - Give your app a human side

It was launched with 4 APIs, then 22 APIs last year and this year in the main keynote stage.

Key items:

  • Big Compute
  • Powerful algorithms
  • Massive data

Cognitive Services

  • Video Indexer
  • Cognitive Services Lab

  • 29 API across vision and more.

LUIS custom language tool

Deeper customization across our services

  • Custom Vision Service
  • Language Understanding
  • Speech Service
  • Search
  • Decision Service

Starship Commander game used LUIS

Conversational AI - computers understand the human

  • Takes a picture of a leaf and it identifies it. Didn’t use deep learning framework. Uploaded some training images and got her own end point.
  • Found at customvision.ai
  • 3 additional channels for bots framework with 9 channels overall
  • Cortana Skills, Skype for business and bing have all been added.
  • Search Bing for Monsoon seattle and use the bot for help.
  • Adding Adaptive Cards - one framework multiple canvases
  • Available today - Azure Batch AI training

Azure + AI - Bringing AI to every developer

  • Airdoc video of using Azure
  • Demo of using PowerPoint and Cognitive Services

Yina Arenas presenting.

  • Presenter Translator add-in lets someone speak one language and it can show subtitles in another.

  • 2 new partners such as Intel and HP have signed on for Cortana devices that use skills like bot framework.

  • Microsoft Graph + Your business data = Incredible apps


Disrupt of be disrupted

Industry vertical Business process

Embrace and apply AI to your business

The best way to predict the future is to invent it - Alan Kay


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