Azure Tips and Tricks Part 165 - Live from Ignite 2018

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Video of our talk at Ignite 2018

At Ignite 2018 Cecil Phillip and I presented a breakout session on our favorite tips of all time. I’ve put the talk on our YouTube channel and embedded it below. I would encourage you to check it out if you are a fan of the written tips and also subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly videos. As a reminder, we are releasing new videos on Thursday and new blog post every Sunday and Monday.

Azure Tips and Tricks LIVE from Ignite 2018 - Become more productive with Azure


In this fast-faced and demo-heavy session we take you through some of our favorite Azure tips and tricks—some long-standing, and new ones that have recently been added. Whether you’re interested in quick ways to navigate the Azure Portal, making the most of the Azure CLI, or working with the IDE and editors of your choice, there’s something for everyone. Join this 45 minutes session now to save hours off your coding tasks tomorrow.

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