Azure Tips and Tricks Part 160 - The BEST of Azure Tips and Tricks is now available as a FREE ebook

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The Complete List of Azure Tips and Tricks

Available Now!

The BEST of Azure Tips and Tricks is now available as a FREE ebook

When I reflect back on Azure Tips and Tricks a year ago, I was only thinking that I’d write a couple of posts and move on. Fast-forward to today, the collection has grown to over 150+ tips, as well as videos, conference talks, and now an eBook spanning the entire universe of the Azure platform. The ebook below is a special collection of tips based on page views of the entire series over the last year.

Download it here

I’ve grouped the top tips and landed on four chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Web
  • Chapter 2: Data
  • Chapter 3: Serverless
  • Chapter 4: Productivity

I took inspiration from the book called Code Complete that had the several illustrations such as Key Points and created myself in a pixelated form that is used throughout the book. Below is what they represent:

I hope you enjoy reading the eBook as much as I did writing it.


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