Azure Tips and Tricks Part 151 - The Developer’s Guide to Azure August Update is now Available

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Available Now!

FREE E-book titled The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure [August Update 2018]

I’m pleased to announce a new FREE eBook that myself and Barry Luijbregts recently completed called, “The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure - August Edition”.

We took a lot of consideration and feedback when construction the book and landed on chapters that cover the following :

  • Chapter 1: The Developer’s Guide to Azure
  • Chapter 2: Getting started with Azure
  • Chapter 3: Securing your application
  • Chapter 4: Adding intelligence to your application
  • Chapter 5: Working with and understanding IoT
  • Chapter 6: Where and how to deploy your Azure services
  • Chapter 7: Microsoft Azure in Action
  • Chapter 8: Summary and where to go next

Download it here

We’re also pleased to announce that we have added EPUB and Mobi (“Save link as” or on Mac: Option+Click / Windows: Alt+Left Click) support in addition to the PDF. You can also download all formats at once if you wish. Now you have multiple options and can get up to speed with Azure using your eReader or tablet of choice.

Also, as a special bonus - the eBook is now available in the Microsoft Store.

What are you waiting for? Download it now and sign up to be notified of future updates to the guide. We’d also love feedback of any sort, so feel free to contact us via Twitter or comments below.

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