10 Things Silverlight Developers Need to Know About the Windows Runtime

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I have a new in-depth article published in print and online in Visual Studio Magazine today called “10 Things Silverlight Devs Need to Know About the Windows Runtime”. If you're an experienced Silverlight developer then this is an article that you don’t want to miss.

See below for more information and a link to the online article in case you didn’t get a print copy.

Article Introduction

Summary: Every Silverlight developer needs to know these differences between Silverlight and the Windows Runtime before starting on a WinRT app.

Intro: Now that the final versions of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 have shipped most Silverlight developers are looking at ways to translate their existing skill set to Windows Runtime (WinRT) apps built with XAML. Because you're already familiar with XAML you need to understand what the Windows Runtime consists of and how it's different than what you're used to. In this article I document 10 things I've found while building my first WinRT app using XAML/C#; I hope they'll save you time and energy getting used to this new platform.

The Full Article

The full article is hosted on Visual Studio Magazine and you can access it by clicking here or reading the print copy. Don’t forget to rate it and leave comments if you have any problems.



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